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Welcome to Tarimex

We are a company with more than 25 years of experience. Our main activity is the manufacture of pallets in standard models as well as in special measurements and designs.


At Tarimex we not only strive to give you the best price, we also want to give you the best service with the right pallet for your type of product.
Using the specialized pallet software, Pallet Design System (PDS ©), we take into consideration the available and alternative materials for your pallet. The program simulates the strength, rigidity and life cycle of the pallet based on the data we provide.
The program gives us performance forecasts, identifies possible problem areas and helps us develop a practical and functional design.

Recycled pallets

Tarimex recognizes the need to take care of the environment. That's why we handle pallets with recycled materials.
It is usual that some pallets can be reused only by changing some of their components. The pallets rebuilt with new materials or also recycled, offer an economic alternative for the industry.
With this, we not only reduce costs, but we also avoid that pallets with a good percentage of useful material go to the trash helping with this to the ecology.

About Us:

  • In our products we use American, Chilean and national wood. We also remanufacture pallets with recycled wood with ecological and economic benefits for our customers.
  • As an additional service, we offer wood for sale in general and plywood.
  • We are active members of the NWPCA (National Wooden Pallet and Container Association).
  • We have the PDS (Pallet Design System) software used for pallet design.
  • We are in the process of certification of the ISO 9001-2008.

Manufacture and supply excellent pallets that meet the expectations of both national and international customers.

Being a distinguished company in the industry for the high quality of its products and based on maintaining an effective relationship between its suppliers, partners and customers.

Manufacture and deliver products without defects and in a timely manner that satisfy and / or exceed the needs of our customers and under a continuous improvement approach.

Punctuality, trust, honesty, commitment, discipline, sense of urgency and proactivity.

Why us:

  • We provide consulting services in the development of pallets or crates according to the needs or specifications of the customer's cargo.
  • Design of pallets by computer using specialized software, PDS Pallet design system.
  • We use new wood, both national and imported.
  • Quality control based on the ISO 9001 - 2008 standard.
  • Member of the National Wooden Pallet Container Association (NWPCA) since 1998.
  • We also handle other products such as pine wood in all kinds and sizes, domestic pine and import plywood, caobilla, agglomerate, as well as dimensioned wood.
  • Delivery service to the whole country.
  • We have a national forestry registry issued by SEMARNAT for the application of Heat Treatment.
  • Our service is focused on the assembly plant industry, national Industry and construction industry, as well as furniture and loggers.
  • We handle new wooden pallets in American wood and national wood. We also handle recycled pallets.

Heat Treatment (HT y TT)

We have the certification of Semarnat NOM 144 that validates that our processes are suitable for the elimination of pests and wood parasites. (HT).
The Official Mexican Standard NOM 144 Semarnat 2004 establishes the phytosanitary measures recognized internationally for the wooden packaging used in the international trade of goods and merchandise.

Our HEAT TREATMENT System eliminates the following pests:

  • Pine wood nematodes
  • Asian beetles
  • Bark beetles
  • Borers
  • Larva
  • Eggs
  • Insect Eggs
  • Cockroaches
  • And much more...

Currently, companies that do not have this equipment will NOT BE ABLE TO EXPORT THEIR PRODUCTS, because this is a new international regulation for wooden packaging.
IPPC - International Plant Protection Convention.
ISPM-15 - International Standards for Phytosanitaring Measures.
TT - Tratamiento Térmico ó HT (Heat Treatment) según normas anteriores. Contamos con equipo especializado para su aplicación.


Address: Carr. Apodaca Santa Rosa #400
Col. Centro, Apodaca, N.L. C.P. 66480
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